Doctor Who - New Series Silurian Warrior

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    So after a year completing this, I figured it'd be as good as time as any to post pictures from my Doctor Who Silurian Warrior build I made for my wife. This was my first time sculpting in clay, molding and casting anything ever so please be gentle. We debuted the costume at DragonCon 2014 along with my Vashta Nerada I made for myself in 2013. For the Silurian, I sculpted the face mask, created the arm, leg and neck braces from foam and rope, and I also made the Silurian gun from scratch with foam and Bondo. The last 2 photos are courtesy of taken of us at DragonCon 2014. Fun times!!!

    silurian_02.jpg silurian_04.jpg silurian_06.jpg silurian_07.jpg silurian_10.jpg silurian_11.jpg silurian_15.jpg silurian_13.jpg 10620180_844561238895458_9182614200212221960_o.jpg 10668865_842945035723745_3384971959131434577_o.jpg
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    It looks really good. Great work!

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