Doctor Who - Full Size Daleks (NSD)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by CaptCub2012, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Hello there,

    My uncle & my mum made Three Full Size Daleks in late 2010 - 2011. It took them twelve months to complete the project, There made from Fibreglass & come complete with Electric Wheelchairs & Voice Modulators inside each. I am a big big Doctor Who fan - Have been for most of my 27 years of life so far, I'm looking forward to the Daemons DVD which is coming out next week as Jon Pertwee 3rd Doctor is my favourite Doctor. Along with Mr David Tennant (10th Doctor)

    NSD Daleks & we've been to our first official SciFi Convention at Leicester's Space Center (BRITSCIFI) last weekend with one of our Daleks, Really enjoyed the day there.
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  3. Chrisisall

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    Awesome Daleks, dude!!!!! Epic!:love
  4. burn

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    Amazing!!!!. Big kudos for a project like that. Im speechless :))
  5. CaptCub2012

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    Hi guys,

    Thank you for the nice comments regarding my Daleks. All are fully driveable & have got Public Liability Insurance for a whole year

    Raising money for charity with these Daleks, Our charity is Max Appeal. I suffer from DiGeorge Syndrome (22q11.2 deletion) & Science Fiction a big must in my life & i've always wanted a Full Size Dalek & now i've got three of them, Our patron at Max Appeal is Anthony Head from Little Britain, Dr Who, Merlin & those famous Coffee ad's back in the 1980's. Julie & Paul Wootton both run this Charity & they do a lot of someone in every family member who is suffering from DiGeorge Syndrome, There's quiet a lot here in the UK now which are being diagnosed by Doctors of today but when I was born back in 1984 no one knew anything about this. Please visit Max Appeal's website & help out Julie & Paul in anyway you can do please

    Some years ago Julie & Paul's Son - Max sadly passed away when he was only a month or two old from this Syndrome & that's why Max Appeal was born. Julie wanted to get this Syndrome known about
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    Excellent Daleks AND an excellent cause.(y)cool
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    Holy Crap! SO awesome! I'd love to have one of those...not that id have ANYWHERE to put it LOL!
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    Wow. I'm officially jealous!!!
  9. theobeau

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    Really impressive Daleks and best of luck with the fund raising.
  10. jedimaster

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    Wow, only 12 months. How long has ours been? Martyn?... Muzza?

    Nice work. Hopefully we'll show our 9 Daleks like that.. One day!
  11. Metaluna mutant

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    Beautiful builds.

    Looking at them, it's a shame the production team stuck with standard bronze/gold (& the single black and Red/Gold). Good potential for color schemes. I particularly like your orange-red and Silver-Grey schemes.
  12. iamdrake

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    Amazing detail and workmanship.

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