Doctor Who: Final page of the "Melody Malone" book


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Hi RPF -

Just a quick one, made another DW prop - this time I decided to replicate the final page of "The Angel's Kiss" which The Eleventh Doctor tears out and then recovers from a trash can.

Or rather, reproduce it, at there isn't a really good view of it in the episode. I therefore decided to look at pulp novels of the same-ish kind and go from there. I also have an old book - a Robin Hood retelling - which I used for reference on discoloration and texture.

The coloration is mostly just coffee (Merrild instant, for anyone taking notes) and tea. Did some splotching using a brush, and also manipulated the wet paper a bit to make the coffee/tea water "pool" along the edge to make it a wee bit darker. For paper I tried with some unbleached letter paper, and another kind which was dyed slightly yellow - but in the end the best result, I think, came with regular 80g white inkjet paper. Pulp novels are printed on crap paper, after all.

Posting my print files, too, if anyone wants to have a go.

As usual I forgot to take proper "finished" pics before gifting it to my kid, the DW fan (I fear she's outgrowing our shared fandom, though not for my lack of cultivating it ;) ) - so there's just the one.


print-white-paper.jpg coffee-00.jpg third-try-coffee-01.jpg third-try-tea-01.jpg third-try-coffee-02.jpg second-try-drying.jpg ironing-01.jpg second-try-comparison.jpg second-try-first-dye.jpg third-try-robinhood-comparison.jpg melody-pond-afterword.jpg

View attachment melody-malone-last-page-halfpage.pdf
View attachment melody-malone-afterword-halfpage.pdf


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Registered just to say how much I loved this make. Looks like you even got the edges of the binding holes along the tear and that detail made somehow made the whole story of the page "real" in my mind. Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you, guys! Glad to have played a part in hooking you in, btodoroff ;) Welcome inside the rabbit hole!

- you know, I hadn't even noticed that the tear looks exactly like there were binding holes, that's really just a happy accident. I think this one was simply torn over the edge of a table; I did a few different ones (and also a few different "dyes", including tea and paints) and picked the one that had the best look, not too clean, not too ragged :D
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