DOCTOR WHO: (Earthshock) Cyberman suit build - advice please!


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To all the brilliant talent on this board-

I have finally managed to track down an R.A.F. air ventilated, MK.2c 'fairy' suit (that didn’t cost £££) plus a vintage string vest and am about to embark on converting it into an Earthshock Cyberman suit.

In my research I’ve learnt that the original costume designer Dinah Collin and the late great Richard Gregory attached the flight suit to a tailored boiler suit with - I think - some form of liquid latex. Then of course sprayed it all silver.

My questions are:

Is there a better more modern substitute to the liquid latex that will be more durable with wear and time?

What material should I make the boiler suit out of? Want to use something that won't absorb the sweat etc. The flight suit is mainly nylon.

What paint should I use that would be as flexible as possible?

Thank you all in advance.



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