Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011


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whoo hoo! I Enjoyed breaking my parents into Doctor Who last Christmas (I basically demanded they watch the special with me) and now this year won't be a chore to get them to watch it at all!
Christmas day brings more than just gifts under the tree for DW fans!
I am an Amy Pond supporter but do understand that it is time to move on - hopefully, the next companion will have a very strong introduction like Amy.


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While I will miss looking at Karen :love, I do think they've worn out their welcome. Time to move on. Thankfully Moffat thinks so too.

I agree; love the characters, but the show's mainly about the Doctor.

But, if they popped up in a later series, I wouldn't mind. :)

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I think Amy has been the most well-rounded companion since Donna (regarding back-story, etc) and probably my favourite since Rose, but maybe it is time for the Ponds (Rory took her name) to live their lives. So long as: a) We get to see them again in a special some time in the future and b) Karren Gillan is still on TV in something.


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Really? Few people really care about Rory. It's all the Legs that we're interested in. As much as she pushes him around, he might as well change his name anyway.

QFT. If I was married to her, she could call me anything she wanted...just not late to bed. :love :lol :behave

Hovito loincloth

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Another Moffat schmaltz fest. I was looking for great things when he took over but I'm beginning to miss Russell Davies now. If anyone says the last one was a "great reinterpretation of Dicken's Christmas Carol" I will find them and stick a flying shark where it hurts.
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