Doctor Who: Captain Williams


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This was a project I didn't really intend to put together. I liked it in the episode (The Wedding of River Song) but I wasn't going to look into it. However, when a member over on the dw_cosplay LiveJournal identified everything the day after the episode aired and I discovered I already had the boots, I took a closer look and decided I could do it without spending too much money. Everything can be purchased relatively cheaply except the eye drive (iDrive?), and I'm more than comfortable making that myself. The rain suit used as the base for the outfit was the hardest part, as it's virtually sold out everywhere. A local supplier I contacted tried to order me one and apparently the entire stock had been bought up only days earlier from the manufacturer. That left only 2 size options available, and as it turns out I was very lucky and one of them fit me perfectly. That gave me the go-ahead to put the rest together. I'm in the process of buying the rest of the gear now, but I took a picture today with what I have and some place-holders from other costumes tying it together.

tl;dr I'm putting this one together, here's where I'm at. Ignore the silver and possibly upside-down knee pads.



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Absolutely. Not sure when I'll wear what, but the plan is to bring Ten, VatD Eleven with mirror matcher, male GMGtW Amy, Captain Williams, and new series Cyberman. It seems every time I take on too many projects at once I just decide to do another. At least this one's easy.


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Just thought I'd post some progress. My holster and knee pads are on their way, the vest, hat, ear piece, and t-shirt will have to wait for now. I'm working on the eye drive, though. I've sketched it out on an old plaster cast of my face, the next step is carving the detail back into the eye (a lot of it was lost when I smoothed it out), then building up the cup over the eye and the ridges. From there it should be really easy to finish.



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Hey Risu, why not buy one of my eye drives, it's faster and more spiffy!:lol Just kidding! Is this what your wearing for eveningarwen's party? That'll be cool. And I can't wait to get to Galley, I have something cool for the masquerade, my wife is wearing it!


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No, I'll be wearing my 11th Doctor costume to the party, I unfortunately won't be able to finish this one on time.

As for why I'm making it myself, it's because I want it to fit my face perfectly. If I fail though, yours is my fallback. I would be interested in seeing/trying one of yours on at the party if you can bring one, though.

As for Galley, we should coordinate our Cyberman costumes. Two Cybermen walking down a hall are better than one. :lol


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After the post lost my holster, the seller was nice enough to send another. Now I've got that and the knee pads. I still haven't picked up the vest yet, but I do have to say that both the holster and the knee pads are some of the worst tactical gear I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure the holster was meant for an uzi, it can't hold a pistol in place at all. And the knee pads are rigidly flat and make bending at the knees a bit painful. Bending also causes the pads to stick out from the leg and shift around. All in all, not good stuff, I don't know why they used them.
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