Doctor Who at the PA Ren Faire


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This Saturday my friend and I headed to the PA Ren Faire dressed as the Doctor and Rose from Tooth & Claw (Yes we know it was the wrong year but we had a back story all planned out so we were prepared!). Now there are a few inconsistencies, firstly Rose should be blond but in fairness my friend didn't want to dye her hair for a day. And my Tennant is more a 42 look with Tooth & Claw colors but that was deliberate due to the weather, I would have been way to hot had I worn the fully story look with the henley and t-shirt. Plus I have a soul patch and I have an inability to grow sideburns :(

But the effect was great. We expected a small handful of people to get a kick out of it, but we were not prepared for what really happened! SO MANY people recognized us and I can't tell you how many people asked for photographs and hugs! I loved the hugs, that was nice. It was such a fun day I can't say I have a day that fun in a very long time.

The people who worked at the Ren Faire - who are not allowed to break character - found sly ways to recognize us by keeping in character and pretending to know us due to his time travel etc. But the best part? They asked us to join their parade! We marched in the Ren Faire Parade to the human chess match. Oh the faces of the fans who recognized us but even better were the faces of those who were so confused by seeing us in the parade because they didn't know the show! That was hilarious. lol

Anyway our goals:
1) Try to use the psychic paper and get in for free (even though we bought tickets just wanted to use it and see) It worked because the ticket girl recognized us! (but in fairness I gave her my ticket anyway, shouldn't have though) Goal Achived!
2) Find the Queen to "make sure she was safe" from Werewolf threats (remember the real threat land 300 years before Tooth& Claw) and get a picture with her. Goal achieved!
3) Have "Rose" get her to say "we are not amused" Sure it was the wrong queen but she still said it in other places of the rRen Faire, but sadly our Rose had no luck here. Mission Aborted!
4)Find a werewolf. Now we really thought this one was just a joke, but we tried. And then out of nowhere we found man dressed as a pirate (it was pirate week) who loved Tooth & Claw so much that he tattooed the werewolf on his chest! Goal Achieved!

Originally we wanted to keep a tally of people who recognized us and people who asked for pics, expecting this to be minimal but once we lost track of that we decided to keep a tally of those who hugged us (and those who actually "squeed") and lost track again!

Anyway, enough about that, the pics. We stayed in character the whole time with minimal exception.


This is totally wierd you just posted this thread - I just scored some free tickets to the PA Ren Fair and going this weekend dressed as the 11th Doctor! Unfortunately, I don't have a pretty young lady to come with me dressed as Amy, but two of my buddies are coming with a video camera so hopefully we can talk some of the actors into doing a few skits.
Thanks for sharing! Now I can go there in confidence knowing I wont be looked at funny....
I think you'll have a great time with it. a video camera is a good idea. Look for the shop with a stone angle looking in a mirror and a sign saying "don't blink'
Very nice. We'll be hitting the Maryland Renn Fest in a few weeks and I'm thinking of going as Eleven (and either my wife or oldest daughter will be Amy, maybe both).

PS. I think we met at Wizard World Philly this year. I was in the Baron brown Ten suit at the time.
Very cool!

We were thinking of heading there for Halloween weekend in our Harry Potter costumes. Last year my husband and our friend won the adult costume contest in their Fett armor. :lol
My girlfriend was there on Sunday, and apparently there was an 11th Doctor and an Amy. (It makes me proud knowing that my girlfriend knew who they were :lol)

It's a good thing you both didn't go on the same day or the entire fabric of spacetime would have been ripped in two!

Lol! Yes good thing I didn't run into me! ;)

punchbuggyblues, yes we did run into each other at wizard world! Nice to hear from you again :) that suit of yours would go down great at the faire and I'm sure 11 would as well. The suit and coat in the pics are my Magnoli set, I am having a new suit made by him in the new fabric and can't wait for that to be done. Actually my friend wants us to hit up the Maryland Ren Faire next so who knows we may just bump into each other again!

Wes R this Faire is in Manhien PA.

If any of you guys are headed to this fair and want to do a Who day of it let me know, if I can I'd be happy to head out again.

iycis, I wasn't aware there was a costume contest, or is that for Halloween only? still very cool for you!
I'm not into Who, but now I'm starting to think I should wear my Marty McFly costume instead, for some alternate time traveling. lol
A friend saw a guy dressed in his Next Generation Star Trek uniform.
I saw a guy in his Confederate uniform.

You went as time travelers so I think that explanation works.

I was waiting for people to start throwing rocks at the confedrate guy.
I'm not into Who, but now I'm starting to think I should wear my Marty McFly costume instead, for some alternate time traveling. lol

lol, just like TheSt.LouisKid said was my reasoning as well. We are time Travelers so we can get away with making it look normal for us to be there. I even got the Stargagte SG1 people because they landed on similar looking places at least but even that is a stretch.

But yeah, when she asked me to go I joked that I always wanted to go as the Doctor because of the time travel aspect and she loves the show too so agreed. I'm so glad we did. I think Marty McFly would go appreciated but I saw pics of Stormtroopers and they were way out of place just like Star Trek would be. To me anyway. Doctor Who was very much appreciated and I appreciated that to no end.
Very cool! I went to king richard's faire, a renn faire here in Massachusetts, a few years ago dressed as 10 and my girlfriend as Rose. Not a single person got it unfortunately. Ok, it didn't help that my buddy, who was also there, went dressed as doc brown from bttf. (our Marty was quite hungover and bailed on us). We also tried to get a couple of friends to go as bill and ted but they weren't into 'dress up.' too bad, it could have been a cool time traveling convention.
Haha awesome! The Faire is a great place for Doctor Who and you guys look great.

I was at the PA Ren Faire earlier this year as Eleven and heard so many "DOCTOR!"s and "Bow-ties are cool!". When I came across Elizabeth I one of my friends sold me out and drew her attention. For the next 5 minutes her handmaidens chased me around the area of the fair grounds we were at trying to catch me. The caught me once and the Queen asked, "what do you have to say for yourself?" "Shenanigans?" And I bolted again. They caught me again but I pulled a Flesh and Stone and left them with my tweed. Of course I didn't get far and the Queen gave me one more chance to explain myself so I said, "God save the Queen!" And she let me off the hook. Good times.

"Has he ever told you about Elizabeth the First? At least ... she thought she was the first!" - The Dream Lord
All I can say is.....EPIC! Great idea, and I unfortunatley cannot grow sideburns either, I wish I was there, my daughter would have LOVED it!
Thanks Patrick! I really appreciate that :) I do think the coolest moment was when a kid in a stroller recognized us and told his dad. His dad had this look of disbelief until he saw us and then gave us the thumbs up and said "That is brilliant, well done".

I may go back again to be honest, it was too much fun.
Personally I think a Time Travellers Faire would be a blast! As well as the aforementioned Doctor (all incarnations), Doc & Marty or Bill & Ted, you could have H.G. Wells and his TIme Machine, River Song, Captain Jack (Harkness), the Dwarves from Time Bandits (who'd probably fit in well at a Ren Faire). Heck, even Capt's Kirk and Picard got into the Time Travel thing.... but that might be going too far (as would Borg, or Terminators)
I would go to a time Traveler's convention for sure. And as for those stretching the boundaries, remember I went to the Ren Faire as the Doctor, so boundaries can be stretched.
I would be down for a time travelers convention too. Especially if it were at a historical reenactment. Like a revolutionary or civil war reenactment.
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