Doctor Who: Amy's Sonic Probe


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I'm currently watching The Girl Who Waited and my girlfriend told me I need to make Amy's Sonic Probe. I'll post screencaps as soon as I can.


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A couple to get us started:




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The base component that all of the rest is built onto appeared to be Amy's mobile phone. A shame that there were very few closeups of the piece during the episode.


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I've identified the phone as a Samsung C3050 and I'm pretty sure I'm right, the shape of the buttons, the colour, the detail at the top on the back all matches.

You can get dummy versions of the phone on eBay for a couple of pounds.


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They sure do love Samsung for their props. Rose's phone was a Samsung (I actually had the same one at the time, still got it lol). The Vortex Manipulator button was from a Samsung and now this is another Samsung lol.


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So are we thinking found item or custom greebly for the top half of it? (The part on top of the phone)

The back connectors with the wires look like two coaxial cable connectors with some wires just loosely glued on. As for the rest of it, we need some better pictures.

Is it possible that Peter Mckinstry had a hand in designing this? He's always been fairly friendly to us proppy people.

We just need a few more shots of the detailing on the top. I see what appear to be some fins (Old pager or some sort of toy communicator, possibly?) but I don't want to guess to much on what it might be considering how easily they could have had a custom item built.



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I've started on the emitter, making the two silver bits from pens and a green drink stirring thingy, it won't light up but hey-ho. The stirrer is twisted so not quite right but it I think it will look good none the less. As for the green crystal in-between the rods... erm...

I think for the block they are attached to I'll use Lego, plate it with card then layer the detail over the top, makes it easier to get the size and shape while being sturdy, when it's carded in you won't be able to tell it's Lego. The phone dummy won't arrive for a few days but I think I can get the block and emitter done by then using the dimensions given on the Samsung website.


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Amy Pond's sonic probe as seen in The Girl Who Waited.

The phone used in this replica is the same as that used on the actual prop, a dummy version I bought on eBay.

The rest of the prop is made of household bits and bobs and I am by no means a pro so please be kind lol.
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