Limited Run Doctor Who 8th Doctor Alternative Sonic Screwriver 3d Printed Model Kits 2.0!!!

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EDIT: THE RUN IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED AS OF FEBRUARY 16TH. Apologies to those that were unable to get their orders in or are just finding this thread. Don't hesitate to express your interest in another run later on down the road and I'll add you to the list of people to contact when that happens!

Hey everyone,

I've had an interest thread for these 8th Doctor sonic screwdriver kits going since the end of last year during which myself and some very diligent, helpful members have refined the details, accuracy and functionality of the kits. The kits have been specially designed to work seamlessly with the Character Options electronic core unit that comes with either the "Build Your Own" or "Trans Temporal" sonic screwdriver toys. You can read all about the kit, it's features, possible finishing options and my own personal build of the prototype in an information packet I've put together in PDF format available for download here.

Feel free to read up on the material so you know everything there is to know about these kits. Fair warning, there are many photos included and most of them were left at their original resolution to give the most detail, so it may take a few minutes to download. You can print it out but as it's one long page, not separate pages, there may be cut-off between sections - but it should be sufficient for those that choose to work on their kit away from their computer.

For starters, here's a picture of the raw 3d printed kit along with my finished prototype next to the real deal and an additional image of the emitter lit up.

3dprintedKit.jpg IMG_5025.JPG

IMG_5055.JPG 8thDoctorSonic03.jpg


I'm offering three versions of the kit along with optional add-ons, outlined below. In addition to the sonic screwdriver, I'm offering a kit to build your own display stand designed specifically for this prop and to look like the 8th Doctor's T.A.R.D.I.S. console, which has an optional 'cap' available to put in place of the sonic when its not in the stand. I have ordered a physical print of the stand but haven't yet received it, so I'll post those pictures once I do - but for now, here's the CAD model of the stand so you can see what it looks like, along with the CAD model of the prop in the stand.

standPreview3.jpg standPreview4.jpg

EDIT: The test print for the stand came and I painted/assembled it. Here it is on its own with the optional cap and again with the sonic in place.

IMG_5091.JPG IMG_5098.JPG

Additionally, I'm offering three variations of a Super Deluxe Kit that includes nearly everything being offered for a discount.

Below are all of the kits and options, along with prices. Flat rate shipping within the United States is included but for international orders, shipping options are up to you and will be added in place of flat rate costs included in the prices below.

1) Choose your kit!

Minimal Kit - $68 - All of the 3d printed parts of the main sonic body and emitter, minus grips, which you can fashion yourself from the wood or other material of your choice with the template provided in the PDF packet.
Basic Kit - $78 - All of the 3d printed parts of the main sonic body and emitter, plus handmade basswood grips, holes drilled and sanded smooth.
Deluxe Kit - $82 - All of the 3d printed parts of the main sonic body and emitter, plus 3d printed grips designed to fit perfectly and enhance sound.

2) Choose your add-ons!

Electronic Core Unit - $10 - If you don't already have the core from either the Build Your Own or Trans Temporal sonic toy, you'll need one of these to make the sonic light up! Quantities are limited though, so priority is reserved for those that don't already have one.
Extra Set of Wood or 3d Printed Grips - $10/$14 - Try out the set that doesn't come with your kit for an extra $10 for wood grips or $14 for 3d printed grips.
Extra Emitter - $4 - In case you want to try a number of methods to get the right look, you can grab an extra (or a few).
Acrylic Rod - $1 - An implementation to make the emitter brighter - rod will be cut to length but will need sanding around the top end and sides for maximum diffusion.

3) Need a stand for your sonic?

8th Doctor T.A.R.D.I.S. Console Display Stand - $25 - Show of your sonic in style with this kit to build and finish your own stand designed perfectly to fit this sonic kit!
"Core Base" Cap - $3 - An optional cap to replace the sonic prop when it's not in the stand, designed to look like the base of the T.A.R.D.I.S. core.

Want it all!? Save five buckaroos when you order everything!

Super Deluxe Kit A - $116 - Everything in the Basic kit, plus the core unit, extra emitter, acrylic rod and complete display stand!
Super Deluxe Kit B - $120 - Everything in the Deluxe kit, plus the core unit, extra emitter, acrylic rod and complete display stand!
Super Deluxe Kit C - $130 - Everything. Yes, everything being offered! The Deluxe kit, core unit, extra emitter, acrylic rod, extra set of wood grips and complete display stand!

The run will go until the end of the day on Saturday, February 14th (Eastern Standard Time). At any point during that span of time you can order your kit(s) and options by doing the following:

1) Send an email to with the subject line "8th Doctor 3d Printed Prop Kit".
2) Include the following information in that email:

  • RPF Username
  • Real Name
  • Address your order will be shipped. I'll calculate shipping for international orders here, so please specify if you want tracking or insurance. If you don't, I'll ship with the least expensive option possible, but insurance is recommended at the very least.
  • Your kit preference and any additional options. Feel free to copy and paste from the descriptions listed above.
3) Await a response from me with your order total.
4) Send PayPal payment (via the "Pay for goods or services" option) to
Feel free to specify your kit and options in the description here as well.

Once the final day concludes and I've replied to the last of the order emails, you'll have a few more days to send payment, but please do so as soon as you are able so I can get the Shapeways order in. I will accept payments no later than the end of the calender day on February 16th. Lead time once I put the orders in will be about 3 weeks. It will take about 2 weeks for Shapeways to print the kits and send them to me, and another week or less for me to inspect them, package them up and send them to you.

I'll close with a video of me assembling and playing with the prototype when I first got it. As you can see, the core was a very tight fit, but has since been corrected by adding more clearance for the core inside. In addition, the over length of the prop was shortened to better match the original prop and other improvements were implemented.

aaroncreaser - Super Deluxe C (x2) - SHIPPED
Anakin Starkiller - Basic (Polished) - SHIPPED
cirens - Minimal + Rod + Emitter + Stand - SHIPPED

doctorwholittle - Super Deluxe A, Basic + Core + Rod + WDStand - SHIPPED
drjon - Super Deluxe A + WDStand - SHIPPED
dualsaber - Basic + Core + Rod - SHIPPED

E Williams - Basic + Rod + Emitter + Stand + Cap + WDStand - SHIPPED

Kolchak92 - Deluxe + Rod - SHIPPED
Morthwyl - Basic + Core + Rod + Emitter - SHIPPED

MrCafe - Super Deluxe B - SHIPPED
MrMcgoo - Deluxe + Core + Rod - SHIPPED

myersfarms - Super Deluxe C - SHIPPED
Osric - Super Deluxe C - SHIPPED
pauliedale - Super Deluxe C - SHIPPED

RobMcLaury - Super Deluxe C - SHIPPED
The Valeyard - Basic (x2) + Rod (x2) + Emitter + 3D Printed Grips - SHIPPED
TimeyWhimyStuff - Deluxe + Rod - SHIPPED
Too_Many_Cars - Stand + Cap - SHIPPED

Womble68 - Super Deluxe C - SHIPPED
Zaphod - Basic + Core + Rod - SHIPPED









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I suspect he will pay separately but will advise asap. Any idea on shipping all the order to UK with /without insurance. (Just a rough idea is fine right now.)

First class is $14.90 and I can ship them together if you want. That includes insurance and delivery confirmation but not tracking. If he's paying separate that's fine, I'll just give a breakdown in the email what you each owe and you can split the shipping - just let me know what name is on his PayPal account so I know it's his payment coming through.

EDIT: I meant to ask, did you want two extra emitters for a total of three for each sonic or just one extra?
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I guess mine would technically be a Super Deluxe B and a Basic kit. Is that doable? If so, I might change it to 2 SDBs.

You wanted two basics originally, so it would be a Super Deluxe A if you added a rod for the sonic and a core cap to the stand. It would actually cost you $1 less to add a rod and cap to one of your basics haha. I'm assuming you want that, but sounds like you might go for two complete Super Deluxe A kits? Or did you want to go in for the Super Deluxe B's?

EDIT: Although two Super Deluxe kits also means two cores, so I'd like to wait until others had a chance to get in on the cores since I definitely don't have enough for everyone. I didn't want to do a 'limit 1 per customer' deal but that's probably how it'll work out so more people can get the full kits.
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Dig it. Forgot about the extra core.

So for now should I put you down for a Super Deluxe A and a Basic Kit? Or do you want the Super Deluxe B and a Basic Kit so you can have the 3d printed grips for one and the wood grips for the other? And do you want to add a rod to the Basic kit?

I'll get in touch with you once the run is nearly over if I have any extra cores left over.
Doctor Octoroc would you please change my order from a Basic Kit to the Deluxe? My add ons will still be the same, but I'm sold on the 3D printed grips for more sound.
Again, you are correct, sir; my bad. SDA and a Basic. It gets all wibbly-wobbly with the different bits & Bob's. Thanks for keeping me lined up!
Again, you are correct, sir; my bad. SDA and a Basic. It gets all wibbly-wobbly with the different bits & Bob's. Thanks for keeping me lined up!

Haha, no worries. I didn't think about the fact that with the three default kits and the three super deluxe kits that there's the possible association between them. Should have gone with "Super Basic, Super Deluxe and Super Duper Deluxe" or something like that to keep things consistent across the board. Oh well, no sense in changing them now, it'll just bring more confusion! Consider it done. Just to clarify, you want a Super Deluxe A and a Basic with nothing extra (unless there's an extra core left over) and that's it? Do you want a rod and extra emitter with the Basic kit (I put question marks next to them in the first post for the time being since I'm not sure if you still want those since you changed one of the Basics to the SDA) - or are you fine with having two emitters included with the SDA? Maybe just an extra rod for the Basic?
Just an extra rod is cool - if an extra core is available, consider it spoken for.

Thanks again and I hope to keep this straight from here on out. (c;,'
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