Doctor Who 8th Doctor Alt Sonic Screwriver 3d Printed Model Kits (Finishing Thread)

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Since a few members have received their kits in the mail, I'm starting a thread for all who ordered to show their process and finished builds. I've posted the prototype below which I painted and finished myself, and I'll add others' props to this first post as they come in so they'll all be in one place.

Here's the PDF that walks through my process and offers some tips for your own:

Here's the raw kit, for anyone just stumbling upon the kit for the first time to see.

View attachment 433601 View attachment 433881

And here's my finished prop (left) next to the real deal (right).

View attachment 433599 View attachment 433604

Everyone else can feel free to post theirs in whatever stage they want, offer some insight into their process, and ask questions if they need help with their own build!
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Re: Doctor Who 8th Doctor Alt Sonic Screwriver 3d Printed Model Kits (Finishing Threa

Wanted to kick in with my progress on this. I've done some sanding (with 600 grit and brown paper bags) which got rid of most of the horrible printing lines. I didn't sand some places like the top piece under the emitter cause I wanted to keep all the detail. I've done 3 coats of primer on everything, and started to do the blue on the emitter gem part. I used Tamiya clear blue, but accidentally did it on the outside (in case some missed it the PDF said the inside). I'm not 100% happy with it, so I'll play around a little bit more with it. There is also some light coming through the top part still, so I'll probably do some more coats on it and maybe paint black on the inside to help a bit.

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Re: Doctor Who 8th Doctor Alt Sonic Screwriver 3d Printed Model Kits (Finishing Threa

Bringing this thread back to show off this. Got round to getting it done in the last two days or so and I'm really happy with how it came out. I'm happy to answer questions on my paints,etc but the pictures should speak for themselves! Thanks Doc again for an awesome kit!

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