Doctor Who 7th Doctor spoons


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Hey all I am looking to recreate the set of spoons that the seventh doctor used in the episode Time and the Rani problem is I can't find anything off the shelf around here so I figured if anyone would know what style spoon was used or where to find some similar it would be mentioned here.
Any leads or help is much appreciated
Thanks in advance
Its a veeerrrry long time since I've watched that episode, as Its not a favourite of mine, But I seem to remember they had rounded 'bowls' with 'v' shaped notches cut into the ends, giving them the overall appearance of small silver 'salad tongs' Now.. this is an immensely long shot, but I remember seeing a set just like them in my parents attic many years ago. Next time I'm over there I'll have a look for you and see if They are indeed as close as I remember.....
Yes they certainly look like this kind of thing (the botton one);


Viners Salad Servers, I'm pretty sure something similar was modified.

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