Doctor Strange Eye of Agamatto

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    I saw the Facebook post today about sharing your technique (quote from the awesome Adam Savage) so I thought I'd share my Eye of Agamatto.

    Since I'm heavily into 3D printing right now, I started with this design.


    I wasn't terribly happy with it and wanted to do more. I saw a guy at San Diego Comic Con that had a pretty cool glass eye so I decided to go that route.

    I started by hollowing out the design.


    Then, I looked around for a suitable "eye". I found a 10" magnifier on Amazon. This required me to scale up the design, but that is easy with 3D printing! This piece is awesome because since it's a magnifier, as you turn the piece, the eye underneath moves around. It's terrific. The one drawback about using this magnifier is that a) it's heavy (the total piece nets out at 12 ounces) and it forces the whole piece to be about 12" in diameter. Still, it looks great and is worth the extra bulk.


    I finished off the plastic with a self levelling resin compound called XTC-3D. This smooths out hte print line and glosses over and fills holes and edges. Some sanding and filing and it's good to go. A quick coat of shiny gold paint and that part is done.


    I adjusted the design to allow the "eyeball" to be placed inside while touching the underside of the eyelids.

    I then found a royalty-free image of a creepy eye. I printed that at 600 dpi on glossy photo paper for maximum clarity.

    I then printed a 10" disc to glue in place on the back to seal the unit.


    And this is what we finished with!

    il_570xN.809951181_d2yu.jpg il_570xN.810173874_33er.jpg il_570xN.810173878_mc12.jpg il_570xN.810173888_lnvf.jpg

    For the cape, I used a cape from another project and found some trim on It's not a full Cloak of Levitation. It's just hacked together to show off the Eye of Agamatto for my etsy shop.



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