Doctor Sleep (Stephen King Sequel to 'The Shining')

Egon Spengler

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I think it's interesting they are even using the footage from the original film considering Stephen King, isn't big on the Kubrick film.

Richard Baker

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King may not have liked the film, but it is the one people remember most. The TV version with the guy from the show 'Wings' was good but I can't recall a single scene from it.


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I read the book when it first released. It was enjoyable but I don't remember it having that much of an impact on me. Maybe it's time for another read through before the movie comes out. It looks like they're staying pretty faithful to the novel though. Some of the shots are almost identical to what I pictured in my head while reading.


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The miniseries is definitely much closer to the book and has better characterisations I think, but for me the movie has much better production design and atmosphere (although the room 217 scene with Danny in the tv series is terrifying). I wonder how they're going to reconcile the differences between the Kubrick movie and the book for the sequel.