Doctor Doom trucker hat


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If you're like me, the one thing that would make your life complete is a custom-made Doctor Doom trucker hat.

Try not to get too jealous, cause I got mine!


My daughter came up with the idea of mashing up the Von Dutch logo with Victor Von Doom.

Real hat.jpgDoctor-doom.jpg

She mentioned it in passing at Katsucon. The idea stuck in my head for some reason. Then I slowly worked through the 4 Stages of Cosplay:

  1. I wonder if I could do that
  2. I think I know how to do that
  3. I know how to do that
  4. I have to do that!

I hit Stage 4 back in May. I've been working on it ever since.

First, I loaded a clean copy of the Von Dutch logo into Fusion 360.

Process 1.png

I used the spline tool to outline the "Von D", the "o" and the "n". Copy and paste got me the two "o"s in "Doom". Then I used the "n" and lower right part of the "h" to make the "m" and the swoosh.

Process 2.png

I'm very pleased with how it looks.

Process 3.png

The next question was how to get from virtual to physical. For that I went to my MakerSpace. We have an early 80s vintage 6 needle Ultramatic industrial embroidery machine. It's been lovingly restored by one of the members. He taught himself how to use it with nothing by the original 3-ring binder it came with.


He'd used the machine on many projects but had never tried to make a patch before. It took several tries to figure out how to get the patch to hold together after cutting it from the backing. He's not 100% happy with the stitching so he's now in Stage 4, teaching himself a high-end embroidery digitizing package so we can make them professional quality.


I gave my daughter one for her birthday. The gift was a little late, since I only hit Stage 4 two days before the event.

She still loved it.

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