Doc Holliday and Kate Elder costumes. warning lots of pics.


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here are pics and a list of suppliers for my doc holliday and my wife's big nose kate costumes.

i am pretty excited about the way it turned out. the hardest part was kates dress and doc's vest. the vest i could not find the material that was an exact match as val's in tombstone. on the dress, my wife wanted some changes to the dress that differ from the movie dress.

for the mustach i use

telesis 5
crepe blond and brown hair.
and krylon grease paint for red around the eyes.


here is the jewelry and weapons.
all jewelry and watch came from ebay.
turn of century cuff links
pocket watch from 1900
abertina pocket watch chain from the 1870's
diamond ring
diamond stick pin from turn of the century
cup from lewis machine here in alabama.
denix replica 1873 single action army colt.
1877 colt lightning 38 longcolt made in 1900 replica ivory handles.


here is the cloths list
hat by holliday hat
frock coat frontierclassics.
holster by tradingpost
vest by kristina howard aka ladyvader. YOU ROCK!!
shirt by magnoli clothiers. thanks indy!
tie off of ebay
pants by riverjuction trading company.
shoes walmart..........doc would not wear cowboy boots in town.





here is linda's dress,

it was made by tiffany roswell out of florida. she rocks!!!
wig from ebay
shoes from ebay
gloves from ebay.



and here we are at play on con!!!

great time was had by all. '
Please remember one thing sir...she might be the love of your life, or she just might be the anti-******.....:lol Great the the looks you 2 captured.
You guys look great! :love

The vest was made from the Laughing Moon pattern for 1850s Frock Coats and Vests, which I highly recommend. Great job on the research for that, Tom! The pattern does require tailoring skills, but is a good start into that field if you have never done it before because it comes with great instructions.





Oh I love you both.... A. Doc Holiday is my favorite person, he's crazy, he's trigger happy, and he's fast enough to back up his smart mouth... so I love him.

B. Tombstone is the greatest western movie ever... I know there are other movies that have been better, but Val Kilmer rocked the Doc in that movie.

Fantastic job!

My first boss has the colt lightning long colt. It was fully functioning... and let me tell you I can understand why Doc chose the weapon.. the action is about as smooth as it gets. Fantastic firearm.
thanks, e. yeah i went to a local shop and they charged me like 200 for the cup.......

is not perfect but it will work.

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