Do You Seal Mr I Suit, Prior To Latex?


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I have looked on here and used to search feature, maybe I am overlooking the thread. I was wondering do you seal the Mr I suit prior to 1st coat of latex? If you do, what do you use. I put the first coat of latex on my Mr I suit and it did not look like it was doing anything. I looked on a few threads, and read to let it dry, so I left it to dry before my next coat. I am hoping it will look better on my next coat. Any advice is very helpful.
You're good bro. The first couple layers are just going to soak into the material. after the 3-4 coat you'll start to get the results your looking for. (y)
Cool, Thanks for the help. I was a little worried I was going to have to tell the wife I need to order a new suit! She already mad at the money I am spending now!
different types of latex,....
slip latex ---- latex is painted in layer after layer,...or poured in and do slosh layers,....
foam latex--- must be cooked and gelling agent added to " fluff " up the product ,...200-210 degrees cook for 20-30 mins.
( feel free to correct or add what i've forgotten )
Are you spraying in on or brushing it on? When I sprayed My Mr and Mr F suits I used a nice sized aircompressor and a HPLV spray cun with Liquid latex. It's thinner than Casting latex (RD407). Casting latex is better for making Latex armor, skins, mask and other things of the sorts by brushing in a few thin coats then slushing around a couple lays as Philby said.

Also: Like Philby said there is foam latex too, which is a different member of the same family.

Liquid latex link:

Casting latex:http://www.fxwarehou...&Category_Code=

Hope that helps.
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