DMC Ebony & Ivory WIP

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    Hi, this is my first build posted here and second in general. So far I enjoy the process and learning new things.

    I made plans in Illustrator, printed them and transferred it on mdf boards with various thickens.




    Somehow I was too smart to cut this one with trigger, which I made later, glued it on and was stress tested. It didn't hold. Other 2 guns were made with trigger from start and this one became my testing piece to see how materials and colors behave and preform.


    It took some grinding to get the shape of handle that I wanted.
    I mixed acrylic wood filler with water and applied on the surface, then sand it to achieve smooth finish and fill some crack that were between layers.


    I mixed metallic silver with black to get the color that I want. Now all little mistakes started to show, so I'll need some more prep work for "real" ones.

    It is not too late for different approach to finish this project, so all suggestions are welcome.
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    And here they are. I had some troubles with the finish to look like bare metal, and it would probably look better if I knew how to do it.

    So ideas and criticisms much appreciated.


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    Very nice!

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