DL-44 Blaster flash hider idea


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Hi folks. This is my first go at a blaster and i wanted to make something close but on a budget. I'm basing it on a ANH model. After lots of thinking i worked out something half decent for the flash hider:

It's not painted or drilled yet but i wanted to show the basic parts, which are:

1 x 'hozelock' metal tap adapter for garden hose
1 x end of the handle from an extendable paint roller (black rubber ribbed grip)
1 x metal furniture leg (cut down for the nozzle)

All bolt together easily because the furniture leg is threaded and the bolt will run through all 3 parts.

I have pictures of parts if that'd help. It only cost about £10 for all items and make an almost full metal hider that slots easily onto a fullsize mauser replica

I'll post some more images as my cheapy build progresses...
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In case it helps anyone else, these are the parts used:

The furniture leg:

The hozelock and leg after cutting:

The paint roller:

The nice thing was that they all lock together with a bolt and then still fit the Mauser replica barrel pretty much perfectly. Or so i hope! Now for the scope mount which i'm struggling more with :-/
@abumonkey, Lichtbringer and deadbolt: Sorry if this seems like a hijack, but I just wanted you guys to check out my Hero build. All three of you inspired me finally give it a go and I'd really love your opinions. Thanks for all the great ideas and tips.
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