DL-44 ANH Blaster Build(newbie attempt)


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I bought a Denix mauser c96 to modify into Han Solos DL-44. I've been reading the huge thread that folks have been contributing to here. Amazing work, folks, such dedication!

I'm starting my project with tweaking the denix to be more, eh, LESS denix. I've been staring at Mauser reference for hours now, and I keep finding little bits here and there that I can adjust.


The first adjustment was to sand down these little horns down on the back next to the hammer.

See? There's the difference.

It looks fancy.



Also, there's teeny little changes on the receiver. Maaaaybe only important to the detailish nerd. But very satisfying tonight!
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Holy smokes, it's almost been a year!!

Anyway, I finally got access to a metal shop and have been eagerly flinging metal shavings about.

Here's some updates:
I bought some aluminum bar stock scrap that I thought would work well, and it did.

Also note that I cut mill marks into the lower where the real Mauser would have them.

Made an awful lot of measuring.

Dry fiting the bull barrel, trying to match the three little shelves to the receiver walls.

Here I've set the flash hider body down onto the bull barrel. The ring gap is where the cone of the Hider will rest. It fits snugly.

I wasn't confident enough in my lathe skills at the time to ruin a whole piece, so I planned a two piece flash hider to cover my butt.

The cone test fitted in place.

Inside the flash hider body the cone rests against the bull barrel collar like this.

The visible bull barrel parts.


And natural light detail picatures.

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Im in the process of doing the same, I have a 3 axis CNC and a lathe. I'm okay at the CNC, the lathe not so much

Looks great, Im subscribed

How hard is it for a beginner to make things like the flash hider and bull barrel? Is it a lost cause? I was going to start with Delrin to practice!


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Looking very slick! Flash hider is coming along well. Can't wait to see it finished.

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I'll post some more pictures tonight, but I've been making little changes, like scoring in lines to look like joints, sanding down mold seams, odd corners, abutments and ridges that do not atractively emulat the Mauser.


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IMG_20160223_182417549.jpg IMG_20160223_182336703_HDR.jpg IMG_20160223_182305408_HDR.jpg IMG_20160223_182815304_HDR.jpg
Here's some examples of details I've been obsessing over, the Knurling on the hammer and safety had either mold seams or inaccurate shaping to them, lots of filing! The corners of the sight have been rounded off to better match the real thing. Also, I'm slowly scoring down the magazine spring plate where there should be one, and I'll eventually mill down a hole and release button that won't really work. HA!

You can also kind of see, in the third picture, there is a whole complex scoring process im trying in order to emulate the mechanism beneath the hammer there, on the real thing you can see seams of the different pieces that suit against eachother.
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Shop work update from yesterday!

I did a lot of work on the mill, stressful tolerances but problems addressed and solutions executed. This is such a fun process.

I cut in a thing on the bottom that looks like the button release for the magazine plate.

The bull barrel finally milled down and dry fitted on the Mauser



I milled the casing release onto the bolt, too.

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How hard is it for a beginner to make things like the flash hider and bull barrel? Is it a lost cause? I was going to start with Delrin to practice!

Hey! Not a lost cause at all!! I'm kind of a beginner also, though I've done a lot of detail work in other things like hardwood floor installing and some museum work. Nothing quite as exacting as this, though.

Do you have a good set of calipers? They make all the difference!!

As much practice as you can drop into it is good, but just consider everything you ever do as practice. Having access to the right tools, like your lathe, is half the battle anyway.

Oh, and having folks around you to ask questions of is also indispensable.

The flash hider and bull barrel are best done on the lathe, but make sure you spend the time finding all of the right measurements before you start; feel confident in what to do first and next and last. And remove a little at a time, you can always take more off later.
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Wow. Fantastic work. I have a denix sitting on my shelf just crying out to be turned into a DL-44. Just gotta find some time... You've inspired me!
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