DJ Sona lol music board


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I want to help a friend to create a DJ sona cospaly from lol. Besides the LED head display and all the lights on the board, we want that the board can play music in a quite good quality. It shall be connect with a handy (AUX or Bluetooth). We just don't know how build such a music box. I thought about to use my raspberry Pi as a controller and a equalizer for the helmet. Its basicly a portabler music box with 4 Speakers + 1 Subwoofer and a equalizer display.

Does somebody know how to build such a system?

Thanks alot for any help :D


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I would try looking into using Arduino. There are tons of expansions that have been made by third parties that may work for you. If you haven't found something soon, I'll look around too, I just have to get through finals for school first.
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