DIY Ghostbuster Budget Belt fobs (pic heavy)


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I posted this over at GBfans, but I thought some peeps here might find it helpful also.

There are three things that (to me at least) make a GB uniform feel more complete. Leg hose, Belt Gizmo and a set of belt fobs. So here is my tutorial to make some nice fobs from items at Joanne Fabrics and Lowes.


Here is what you need. These items where sourced at local hardware and fabric stores.

1 roll of 1" nylon (Joannes)
1 snap kit with 7 snaps, hammer and pad (Joannes)
2 1" D-Rings (Joannes)
2 3/4" Snap Clips (Lowes)
1 1" welding ring (Lowes)
1 carabiner clip (Lowes)

All of this will run you about $15 - $20


First grab your 1" Nylon strap and your belt. Push the strap under your belt and fold over enough to hold your ring and a snap.


The top should go all the way to the edge of your fold like so. Cut it like so.


You want to "heal" the edges so they do not fray. I use a lighter and just pass it over the edge real quick. You can also buy a liquid that will stop fraying. I live on THE EDGE! (My wife took this picture and rolled her eyes at me...)


Little trick I learned - I then take that first one and lay it on paper and mark it, that way I can quickly cut two more and have them be the same.


Like so.


Now fold the bottom of the strap around your ring.


To place your base snap cut a small slit in the center back and a matching on on the front of your fold.


Push the back through both of the holes you cut and place the front of the base snap in. Now, grab a hammer and using the parts that came with your snaps and pound them together.


Should look about like this.


First one is DONE!


the D-Ring is made the same, you will need two of these.


Like so.


Now for the thrower ring. This is the ring that you can hook your thrower onto when walking around. It clips to one of the D-Rings.


Cut one more strip of nylon strap that is 5" long. Place a lobster clip just like you did the first fob.


You need a 1" ring. Any will do, a key ring, a welding ring. I use the 1" welding rings I find at Lowes, they are nickle plated and thicker.


Place your front snap and fold that over the ring.


I like to put a carabiner on the last D-Ring. Very handy for Ecto Goggles or anything else you need to hang on too.



On a side note: These are NOT 100% screen accurate. To do that you need a different snap clip and your straps should be leather. This is just a nice alternative that you can do at home in about an hour. I have made many sets of these for friends and they look great. Here's me and my pal Jeffery wearing them.


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