District 9 weapons display

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by steamrunner, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. steamrunner

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    One year ago i have the chance to get an arc generator. And i buy the two others just after :p.
    But when i receive them, i found them too ...clean. So i decide to make a little weathering, in order to make them correspond to the particular conditions into the District 9.

    So i show here my work, the weapons and their support.
    For this one, i recovered some plates (extruded polystyren) from a furniture manufacturer (for exhibitions and fairs)
    The purpose is to show the display in a comic con in France. So i take a linear display to fix the plates.

    The rifle is not yet weathered.

    First; cut the 10 mm plates with good dimensions
    - Cut the 2 and 3 mm plates with curious shapes.
    - Put some details into the side trench
    - Paint
    - And the best moment : weathering ^^

    in the future i hope Weta sell sonic wave gun, submachine gun, and microwave gun.
    And before, convert my second assault rifle into the exosuit version.

    not many pictures, sorry. Next step, adapt the display to put it on a wall, just beside the big poster.
  2. ComedicHistory

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    This is excellent! Great job on the weathering, I don't think I'd have the balls to do that to the Weta weapons, seeing that they usually go for almost a $1,000 each but you definitely did them justice. The display is impressive, if I could afford the guns I'd want them displayed like that. Make sure to post more pics when you get it wall-mounted!
  3. MooMooEgg

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    Very nice. I wish I bought the gas projector when I had the chance.
  4. kevinericon

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    That's an awesome display! The stand is just great.
  5. Mydnyghte

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    Oh man, that is wicked awesome. I would have loved to buy those when they came out, those things are so cool. Love the display, love the weathering. Are there any plans for replicating the display and selling it? It is a killer setup.
  6. zanderwitaz

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    Sweet! I especially like the detail strip on the right and the panel cut at the top above the arc.
  7. zorg

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  8. G17RDY


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    Incredible display, really love the overall look - Think you nailed the whole D9 feel with the stand.
  9. gypsycatcha

    gypsycatcha Well-Known Member

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    Yep, that sir is pretty awesome :)
  10. Rebelscum

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    Piling on with compliments. Really well thought through and executed.
  11. MooCriket

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    Oozing awesome sauce!!!
  12. steamrunner

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    thanks !

    I take a great pleasure to build this display. And yes, i think i can sell few ones, but not immediatly.
    All the materials came from the bin (plates and details).
    All details are switches, welder selectors, cables, and many many spare parts i take here and here...
    Weathering is made with rust, pigments for wall paints, ashes from a friend's chimney...

    -> Zorg
    Yes i see your version, i had an heart attack when i saw it. :eek
    The main problem for me is the bent tank. Hope i can make it as well as yours !
  13. martcpl705

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    That's an awesome prop collection, let alone the display for it
  14. StarForge

    StarForge Active Member

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    I'm so jealous, that sir is an amazing display and the weathering looks top notch!
  15. darthwhitey

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    LOVE IT!

    thanks for sharing!

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