District 9 props, from my university degree 2009-2010


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hi all this is my first prost of few things i have made.
when i went into my third year of univertity a film pop into the cinema and as soon as i saw that i though ive got to make somthing from this film, that film was District 9.

so when i started this project the only resouces i could get where blurred screenshots and vidcaps, as it had only finished in the cinema.
the prop i chose was the AMR-B43 gun ... also know as the sonic wave gun.
here you can see the final product, as you can see there are a few differences between mine and the version in the film, this is mainly due to what i could and couldn't see from the clips and screenshots i had.

other info about the gun:
was made in about 2 months at my university workshop.
the cost was kept to a minimum .. around 200-300 pounds to build.
some materials were not the most ideal but for budget and available I had to make do.

the next two props are extras i made for my degree show, the District 9 needle like object was inspired by the objects that fed nutrients to the eggs in the film.
and the second is a sign, not much to say about that.

this is the second time these props have been made public, last time was almost 2 years ago.

thanks hope you enjoy.

Mike J.

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Neat stuff - thanks for sharing!

So, what's your gun made out of? Wood? Plastic? How much does it weigh?

-Mike J.


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ideally i would have made a steal or aluminium frame with vat forms / or if i had the money a fibre glass shell.
but i made it with an MDF frame with the front being vac formed and the outside clad in ABS plastic.
minor detailing made from laser cut perspex and all the canister are resin cast


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the gun is mostly hollow to allow a trigger mechanism which alows the barrel lights to light up and the two small pods at the rear of the gun to pop out
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