District 9: MNU "White Armor"

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Wrapping up the Terra Nova Pistol, Godzilla Oxygen Destroyer is off to the milling shop and I'm waiting on a shipment of wood for Battle Droids...omg, I have nothing to do all week! I supose I could clean the shop....

NAAA! I always thought this armor was cool from District 9, not that it helped these guys one little bit when they got shot. Hey, come to think of it, NO white armor ever helps in any movie!

Here's what I have as rep pics, and I could use a lot more *HINT HINT!*



5-6 day build? I must be nuts...
It was damned cool armour! Love to see you build it... What medium were you thinking? Foam? Or formed plastic? Or something entirely different. :D.


Cheers, Dave.
After seeing that post in the Tera Nova thread I think I'll pick this project up again after a long hiatus. Hopefully watching your progress will help me get going on it.
I dont think its a coincidence that D9 was on last night and this thread bumpped:lol:lol

Was thinking about this armor also. Need better screen grabs
Excellent project, looking forward to some progress on this.
Always liked the MNU armour, surprised we've not seen this done before!
While watching the movie last night and I dont have screen grabs for comparison purposes..... the screen armor and concept art looked different. The SU armor looked watered down or missing detail. In fact some of the bicep armor was flopping around like it was held on with rubber band, like a cheezy kids Halloween mask.

I would make a foam sculpt, seal it and make a mold. Then fill the mold with fiberglass. Its armor right? Pay a seamstress to do the soft parts. Vacuforming would be out for the main body because it appears really thick....1/4-1/2" thick.
I got yer back, soldier! :love

Actually, I don't have a lot of pics handy... I'll check the trailers, etc. to see if there's more stuff I can grab at better-than-DVD quality.



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The "Making of" book has a couple good pics. 3 or 4.

Here are two more I found online.

I couldn't find any good shots in the trailer, the teaser, or the featurette.

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WOOT! (people still say that right?) NICE pictures.

OK, here's the plan...

1. Invite a friend over under flase pretense of a free breakfast...
2. Wrap him up in cardboard and duct-tape...
3. Hot glue some foam blocks onto the cardboard...
4. Get the rough shape done with electric cutting wire...
5. Remove rough sculpt from ex-friends corpse...
6. Fiberglass the shell and add some carbon fiber matting...
7. Sand, fiberglass, sand, fiberglass, sand, bondo, sand, bondo, sand, glazing putty, sand...
8. Dremell in details...
8a. Sculpt and make extra bits and pieces...
9. Vaccuform a few dozen...
10. Run and hide from Weta...I hear they hunt people just for fun durring coffee breaks. So this? Yeah I better run! :lol
Tell you what guys, the first 3 people who provide me with THE MOST good HD pictures, ID's items like clips and such, finds the corect decals and logos, ect. over the next two days (ends Nov. 4th midnight)...


No labor fee, no mark up what so ever. You'll pay for the ABS and the materials...that's it.

No I'm not kidding.

NOTE! Check pictures and details already listed/posted, if someone beat you to it, don't re-post/re-list. Only NEW information counts.
What do WETA do in concerns to someone doing a run out of there ideas? I would have thought they would be against it? Anyway, I wouldn't know. :D.

I think the attachments worked?

Cheers, Dave.
Hmm I have a few screen caps from my initial research a while back but nothing that wasn't already posted.

Here is an album I have. One surprisingly good reference is what I think is a fanmade figure.

D9 Armor albulm

I also included two patches released by weta. I think the blue circular one is the same image seen on the shoulder/arm guards.
If you'd like I can clean them up in photoshop so they don't look like patches then send the files to you. And the black reaction force battalion seems like the same antelope head used on the chest. I can also clean that up for you if you'd like.

Oh and someone else here posted an empty badge you can easily tweak to say whatever you want:

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Pretty sure the blue circular badge on the shoulder is just a blue version of the yellow circular badge seen in the concept art.

Yeah, those fan-made costumes (for 1/6 action figs, I think) are fantastic. You have to do a double-take to tell it's not a real guy. Great workmanship and photography.

I'm currently working in photoshop right now to get you the blue logo, did a little more research on it and it is not as I first presumed. I should hopefully have something to show tomorrow.
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