District 9 Koobus Venter uniform


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I was thinking of putting make up a Koobus kit from District 9 (because he is the only person in the movie that I look like). I know where to get just about every thing except the shirt and pants. it look like it cold be a dress shirt from another uniform or something. what do you guys think?




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Greetings. First time posting.

Being a Airsofter and I love the D9 SADF stuff. Let me point you to the right direction to help you on your Rustic BDU and the SADF Pattern 84 Vest.

Russet Brown uniform bottom - Weapon Blender Airsoft

And your in luck! It's on sale for 13.00.

Russet Brown uniform top - Weapon Blender Airsoft

Here the top.

Here the Pattern 84 SADF Vest. They call it the Rhodesian Vest. *Shrugs* Don't ask me why... Also look around on ebay for the Pattern 84 SADF Vest. I had one a while back ago and I sold it.

Rhodesian built-in bungee combo - Weapon Blender Airsoft

Also, hit up your local Military Surplus store.

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cool, thanks for the links. it turn out it is all just the late 80's SADF uniform and web vest. the SA was one of the first to ever issue a "tack vest" of any kind, now every one use is them. it fun to learn new thing when you look up stuff like this.
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