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Hey gang need to distress a pair of black leather chaps for a costume, any tips???? I read alcohol and a wire brush??? Sanpaper too???? Thanks! Photos would be cool!
I use varying grits of sandpaper, wire brushes. Depending on what you are doing with it you can brush salted water over it and let dry. This will form a white residue on it that is somewhat sturdy, but won't last if this is a costume piece that will be worn around. That is for more like a static display type deal.
It depends on the kind of distressing you want to achieve.
What is the look you are going for??
Also if you plan on wearing the garment multiple times and how long you want it to last.

Alcohol will dry out the leather considerably to the point where it will have long term damage.
If its something cheap that you dont care about having a long life go for it.

If you provide a little more detail I can provide some more techniques
See my Captain America thread where I just weathered a jacket using various techniques and provided info on how successful each was as well as a photo of the final result.
Good leather im making a gambit costume on a modern movie type costume with comic book qualities im having his cowl chest armor done my xtremedesignfx.com great work the over coat is being hand crafted i have actual shin armor as for the pants dark grey denim with real black leather motorcycle chaps i want to age them a bit around the knees along the seams of the pants a little dull battle damage you know?
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