Dissolving epoxy ??? Help

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Kormier, May 18, 2012.

  1. Kormier

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    My friend bought a carbon fibre rowing paddle and her dad glued the handle on it with epoxy...but glue it backward!!
    Is there a way to dissolve epoxy glue??
    I told her she is probably SOL but that I would run it by a group of very knowledgeable people just in case. Thanks.
  2. Mr Walker

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    Try boiling water? If it's a cheapo, that may work. Emphasis on the *may*.

    If memory serves me right, you can actually get the stuff they use to bond F1 monocoques. If it's something like that, no. The layers of CF sheeting will rip before the epoxy.
  3. Kormier

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    I am assuming its the epoxy from Home Depot... Thanks for the tips.
  4. robn1

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    Acetone will dissolve epoxy. But it may also affect the resin used for the laminate, so be careful.
  5. jockdeboer

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