Displaying your BTTF newspaper props


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I have been sitting on a stack of Back to the Future newspaper props since they have arrived. And with each cool set that pops up for sale in the JY I have to grab them because the price is just too good to pass up :lol
Then they arrive and end up in the pile in my closet until I can figure out the best way to display them.
Yes, the obvious answer is to frame them and hang them up, but if you are like me... Wall is space is almost non-existent in my "designated prop room" and the wife won't allow me to venture into other areas of the house :lol
Does anyone have any great ideas for display? My shelves are too shallow or already full too, so framing and propping up on shelves is pretty much out of the question as well.

I did toss around the idea of getting one of the newspaper library archive folder like the one used in the movie and bind them all. It would be cool to get it embossed with the Hill Valley Telegraph name on it.

Post your displays or ideas here :)


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Lol... I thought about it, trust me :lol
Seriously ... why not? A decorated ceiling can be an enrichment for a prop room. And if your wife disagree ... I could tell you a lot of props you could trade her for. :p

... sorry, Vanessa, he would neeeeeever do that of course. :D


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I have a lot of paper props as well that don't fit the wall space I have, I was thinking a poster rack like the ones at Walmart that hold the mounted posters for display. It's kind of like a book and you can display many pages this way in very little space.

Michael Bergeron

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Hey.... If the prop was right, a trade could happen ;)

Time to change that avatar again then!

I'm in the same boat. I've got loads of paper props and not enough walls. I've never been a fan of putting stuff on the ceiling either. Since they're newspapers though maybe get a paper rack (remember those?) and fill it with newspapers and magazines from films. Or a coffee table like in a doctor's waiting room.


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How about a table with a glass top? You could layout the papers in a nice manner and then place the sheet of glass over the top, it would look really cool but still nice and protected!


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My issue is that I have no room for new tables, shelves or anything. I am really thinking I need to rework the whole layout of the room just to fit more stuff :lol.

And Michael.... My wife hasn't logged in here for some time...
I think it is safe for me to change the avatar ;)


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How about one of those racks like libraries used to have, where multiple papers are clipped into wooden baton-like pieces and then hung on the rack? Makes them accessible and readable too!