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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by great1, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. great1

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    I have just obtained a signed script and was wondering if anyone has any tips for displaying their scripts? Feel free to post photos too if you would like.
  2. agliarept

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    cool, I would say maybe frame it with a matte border and have scenes from the film/show from that script that you liked around it.
  3. Wes R

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    I like this idea. I wish i still had the one comic i got signed and she even gave me a signed copy of the script.
  4. ONEYE

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  5. alienscollection.com

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  6. epilepticsquirl

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    I've got mine in a simple no border frame I picked up from somewhere; Wal-Mart I think.


    Nice and simple, it works for me.
  7. Wakeem

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    I vaguely remember catching a glimpse of a special with Tom Cruise. He mentioned that he had all of his scripts. I can't remember how they were setup. I sure they were all signed.

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