Display Suit for a DC Sfi-Fi Museum Fund Raising Event.

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    To all ofthe RFP family:
    I have a unique opportunity for one lucky suit builder to have their suit ofSci-Fi armor displayed as a centerpiece for a fund raising event for the new DC Sci-Fi Museum to beheld in Washington DC.in late September. The Executive Director of the Sci-Fi Museum (Mr. GregViggiano) has tasked me with finding a local fan built suit for display. Myfirst thought was to contact the members of the RFP.
    This will include a ticket to attend this "invitation only" fundraising event.
    It must be a complete, high quality suit which can be mounted ona mannequin for the event (you can bring your own display).
    You will get a chance to talk with investors, Boardmembers, and attendees (approximately 90) and answer questions about yourbuilt, etc.
    Like you have to twist our arms to do that...

    If you are interested and live in the VA/DC/MDarea message me with 12 or more pictures of your suit with close ups andyour contact information.
    I will be reviewing selections with theDirector of the SF Museum next week for approvals. I will be receiving theparticulars of the event this weekend. thanks!

    The museum is in architectural design phases andmany events have already been completed. The official announcement of theMuseum was released at AwesomeCon in April. Portions of the designs of theMuseum are being selected from public submissions (over 480) through anarchitectural design contest and being reviewed by the design boardstarting Tuesday September 2nd
    The link to the website is below. Please join andshow your fan support.
    http://www.museumofsciencefiction.org/ 1409166370828.png

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