Display Stands for Replica Guns and Rifles - Looking for recommendations


I just recently got the Fallout Plasma Rifle and Gun replicas from the Bethesda-Store and I‘m trying to find display stands.

At first I was considering to use a plate display stand to support the barrel - like this thing:


But then the butt or the grip just would have to sit on the shelf which I find aestethically unpleasing.

Do you have any suggestions on display stands for these (maybe even where to buy the display stands that can be seen in the product pictures):

Fallout Plasma Rifle
Fallout Plasma Pistol


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I've purchased airsoft rifle stands at Evike.com. They have something called TMC Professional Grade Rifle Rest/Wall Stand/Rifle Stand Display for $30. I have purchased four of these over the years for a Trek laser rifle, some Lost in Space laser rifles, and a Aliens Pulse Rifle. They are sturdy and fit a variety of non-standard prop replicas. I display on a shelf, but they can be configured to attach to a wall. Over the years, I tried to find a better solution (hooks and peg wall, acrylic display stands...), and these have worked best for me. Good luck!
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An alternative method is this cantilevered vertical display. It’s perfect for my pulse rifle. It’s essentially hidden and gives it a very clean look. They come in 2 sizes and can be hung vertically or horizontally.
Vertical Gun Rack

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