Disney's Black Hole - Vincent


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I am looking for reference material for a full scale Vincent. Does anyone have any info or resources?

Beagle Bill

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Hi, I finished my scratchbuilt V.I.N.CENT. this spring, I've made molds and I am offering a limited number of fiberglass kits. http://www.therpf.com/f13/v-i-n-cent-kit-black-hole-117220/




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V.I.N.CENT. looks great!! Too late for the kit.:thumbsup
But what see my eyes ''Maximilian'' do you build also Maximilian!?
Maybe you make also a fiberglass kit from Max?
Great work and what a big talent ''Beagle Bill''.:thumbsup
It's nice that ''The Black Hole'' is not forgotten!!
Sure not everything in the movie was great, but the movie had some interesting story ideas, design, haunting (spook) atmosphere.:ninja
It's a shame that ''Disney'' made never a Blu Ray :facepalm and restored the movie and cleaned some goofs (wires) or effects and gives us a ton
of extras!
Can't wait to see more from you Beagle Bill !


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You revived an old thread. I didn't realize someone had made such a marvelous Vincent. I'm glad I saw this.


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Yes it's an old thread.
I contact ''Beagle Bill'' a few times but it looks like he's not on this
forum anymore or on Facebook.
So I hope he is doing well!


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Sorry to hijack, but I figure the folks I'm looking for might be subscribed to this thread.

I would like to touch base with those who are building a full-size V.I.N.Cent. from The Black Hole; either from Bill Morris' excellent castings or otherwise. I'm getting into the final stages with mine (below) and I'd like to see how others are tackling particular issues like lights, painting, etc.

PM me here,email me at mbradley3@cfl.rr.com, or respond to this thread: http://www.therpf.com/f9/whos-building-v-i-n-cent-229809/?highlight=v.i.n.cent.
vincent with metal paint.jpg


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