Disneyland Haunted Mansion Pre-Opening Sign


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As some of you know my wife and I are huge Haunted Mansion buffs. As part of her anniversary present this year I've been working on a full scale reproduction of the Disneyland Pre-Opening sign for the ride:


Working from an extremely high resolution scan of a photo taken of the original sign, I've worked to recreate the graphic. Here's a reduced size of the almost final version:


(Forgive the Watermark, I don't want to see my hard work being sold on the evilbay!)

I still have to work on the black areas inside the smaller text at the bottom to clean them up a bit, and work on evening out the color on the bat-wings and skull at the top.

When it's totally complete, I plan to have it printed full size on a vinyl sheet and mounted to an acrylic sheet which will then be cut to shape.

If anyone is truly interested in doing this project for themselves, I'll be happy to share the artwork when it's finished in all its High-Rez glory, so long as folks agree not to produce them for re-sale.

I look forward to hearing everyones comments on my work thus far.


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That is spectacular work! I love the Mansion, it's my favorite attraction, and I can't recall anyone else tackling the pre-opening sign before. Awesome! :)


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I love it! I'm a huge mansion fan myself, so it's great seeing this! Can't wait to see the finished product, it should turn out amazing! :thumbsup


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Always a fan of Haunted Mansion props! I plan on recreating the tombstones for my yard at Halloween.



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Never seen the sign either but that is cool. I was just there earlier this month and I took a few pics of the weather vane on the roof (the ship) and will try to tackle later. The Mansion is awesome all together.

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That's fantastic! I'd love to have a copy of the artwork as well. I think it'd be great to put up in my yard during October before Halloween.

This year I'm planning to decorate my yard a la Haunted Mansion style with the Grim Grinning Ghosts and tombstones inspired by the ride.

So, I'm assuming the fonts are custom for this? Are each letter hand-made or did you develop a font for the lettering?


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That is sweeeeeeeeeeet!! I would love the artwork as well. I think
I will mount it on wood for hanging. Nicely done!!


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The original sign was hand painted by Disney legend Marc Davis. I'm having to go in and hand draw over each letter in photoshop to clean up the edges. My head hurts and my eyes are crossed permanently now.

I'll probably post a link to the final art in the paper props area when it's done so those that want to reproduce it can, at whatever scale you choose.


Fantastic work! Perhaps more impressive is your attitude toward sharing your hard work and creativity with us.

The Haunted Mansion is a big part of our childhoods and our kid's, so thanks for sharing. I'm sure you wife will be overjoyed with the result!


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