Disney The Little Mermaid Kiss the Girl Ariel and Eric WIP


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Here's my WIP Disney's The Little Mermaid "Kiss the Girl" costumes! I'm making Ariel's town/Kiss the Girl outfit for myself and Prince Eric for my husband. Eventually I want to make coordinating outfits for my twin baby girls, too.

I knew I wanted to make an embellished version of Ariel's dress, not a straight up replica. I thought for a while about ways that would be fun to embellish it... layered lace on the bodice? Sashiko stitching? Eventually I decided on doing a custom printed damask-like fabric on the dark bodice and doing a coordinating embroidery design along the hem of the skirt.

I started by drawing out a The Little Mermaid inspired design.

I did it up as a repeating design and had it printed at Spoonflower on cotton sateen. Under the Sea - aimee - Spoonflower or Under the Sea Border - aimee - Spoonflower

Meanwhile, I did up this Simplicity 2766 pattern in a knit for Ariel's blouse. I made the sleeve cuffs about twice the height and tighter at the wrist.

Here's me testing out the embroidery version of the motif on my machine.

1/4 way embroidering the skirt! Boy that took forever!

The completed embroidery (on the incomplete skirt.) I made a 3/4 circle skirt for this using this calculator! Circle skirt calculator ? for the drafting of full, half and 3/4 skirts. With bonus grading worksheet! | The Snug Bug

Back to the bodice, I made a muslin using 4479 Simplicity (Phantom of the Opera Christine pink dress pattern) as a starting point. After that was fitting pretty good, I cut the spoonflower fabric and flatlined it in coutil for strength.

Testing the fit again. Gotta finish by July 4th weekend! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Mostly done, just need to do the hairbow and the wig

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I really like your design for the repeating pattern, and have never heard of Spoonflower before. Great work on all of it!

Can't wait to see your Prince. Will your little girls be fish?
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