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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this yet. The teaser trailer for the Disney+ She-Hulk series has dropped and I think that it looks pretty good. The fact that it stars Tatia Maslaney alone has me excited, I thought that she did a fantastic job on Orphan Black so I'm looking forward to her as She-Huld. The costume looked pretty good and there was a nice nod to the original Lou Ferigno/Bill Baxter Hulk series from the '70s/'80s.


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The only ones I'm going to look at are Moon Knight and What If Season 2 and maybe She Hulk. A lot of those are a hard pass for me.


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I do find it a bit interesting when people feel the need to announce they're "leaving" something. No need to be dramatic. If it's not your cup of tea currently, it's not the end of the world.


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^ agreed. It’s so weird.

I don’t know the property at all… at ALL. But nothing there seems worthy of the need to announce a divorce.

I mean if that trailer makes you never watch Marvel again?


Looked fun to me…. Looked like Marvel….


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I just saw this trailer when I woke up and it looks great. We've got Ruffalo back as Hulk, Roth back as Blonsky and now joining them is Maslany as Walters. I really liked the actress in her multiple roles in Orphan Black so I know she's very capable of carrying a series as the main star.
This should be great.
We're so lucky to be getting so many new series and films.
If people don't like the look of them, it's simple, don't watch them. Everyone's a winner.

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Actually thinks it looks kinda fun. I was worried they were going with the man-shaped She-Hulk they started drawing recently in the comics. If that was the case, then I was out. I will never understand the need to draw physically strong women with male proportions - it looks ugly and feels like an erasure of the female form, as if to say: if a woman is strong she has to look like a man... how is that not sexist? Female wrestlers look strong and formidable, while retaining their femininity and curves - they don't look like man-shaped monsters. So glad they went this way with the look.


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She seemed low on irrational rage when she was green. I was getting 'Teen Wolf' vibes from it rather than Hulk vibes.

I appreciate that the trailer was not devoted to proving she was stronger, smarter, and superior to any male hulk in every way.


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She doen't look as big as Hulk and has retained her intellect and ability to think rationally I'd say this is more like a partial transformation versus Bruce's experience. Jennifer didn't get as big a dose of the serum or they are following the comics and going with the blood transfusion angle so the dosage and its effects by proxy are reduced. The trailer hints at the transfusion angle with the scene of the car crash.
Looking forward to this!


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In the comics Jennifer always retained her intellect and had great emotional control while "Hulked Out," before her change became permanent. While she was more susceptible to getting angry, she was always way more rational and less rage based than The Hulk, so, they definitely captured that aspect of it really well.

In the comics, Jenn was also known to do some Fourth Wall breaking style humor, jokes, or references long before that became the crux of DeadPool's character. I had read a speculation that she will do the same in this series, which just makes me wonder if they do, how long before people try to claim she's ripping off DeadPool :rolleyes:


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I agree I don't want her to go Deadpool mode. I loved John Byrne's run of the SH comic where she did all that, but simply because it was a new thing at the time. Remember, this was years before Deadpool came along. By the time he did come along I was already tired of that schtick. There's really only so much you can do with it.

If Marvel wants to go down that road, I'd rather see either a live action or animated version of Not Brand Echhh! That stuff was hilarious!!
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