Disney/Pixar UP Talking Dog Collar


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I worked on and off on this for about a year. I know there are a couple of other threads about making one but have never seen anyone actually do it so I thought I'd share mine.

You can check out the video here to see it in action....
UP Dog Collar replica

(It does several different things including talk!)

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Ahahaa very cool <3 It's neat to see it in real life like this. And the talking and blinking bit is really well done!


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Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. Working on the display for all my Up stuff now. I'll post that once I finish, hopefully won't take as long.

LMAO, very impressive. If you ever do a run on these, I'm in.

I can't see that happening due to the time and the components. A lot of it was finding that one of a kind item that fit the build hence the long time. That and I'm not an electronics guru, that was a lot of trial and error to get what I wanted.
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