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That was incredible. Love the hook for the next season. Honestly the only D+ MCU show I’m actually excited for them to continue. Oscar Isaac knocked it out of the park.

Also there were several shots where I could tell the Moon Knight was a physical suit and cape. That made me happy.

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I love the comic character, but this show felt like an amateur 90s comic book movie production. The cgi was reminiscent of 90's Spawn, and the characters arch/resolutions were sloppy and poorly structured. While the costumes were great, everything about this felt small and not the right cinematic flare most of the MCU shows have. Wish we had gotten some better conceived and directed.

They must have thought their 'end" would blow our minds...when it was just shrug worthy lol.
So what would you have done differently?


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It always bugs me when heroes find themselves in an empty enemy camp and don't sabotage anything. Destroy their ammo! Slit the tires on all vehicles
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Finally watched the last episode and have to say I'm not a fan. It literally put me to sleep several times and I had to rewatch part of the episode. I hope they focus their resources on another character instead of trying to keep it going.


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I heard today that they are not making a S2
I wonder if like Falcon and Winter Soldier the objective was always to set it up for the character to appear down the line in other shows/movies. I can easily see Moon Knight appearing in Blade or a future Dr Strange movie.


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Of interest for anybody looking to reproduce the Moon Knight costume accurately is that they didn't use actual bandages or bandage material for the costume. It's mentioned in this episode that they used some sort of stretchy material and then printed the bandage pattern onto it.

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