Disney Be Our Guest Gate Replica


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Got the idea to make this gate years ago on a trip to DW. As it was our 20th anniversary this year I figured it would make a great gift for my wife.

Thanks to maffhewdc for creating the 3D models of the lion, rose and fleur de lis for me, and Sunkistshark for doing the welding.

The shield/emblems/sword are all cast in resin and the top and bottom banners are steel.

It was a bit challenging to work on it without my wife figuring out what I was doing, but it was totally worth it when she saw the reveal. Now we just need to get some photos of us in front of it in costume (a few years ago I made a Beast costume to wear alongside her in her Belle gown).


Now some pics

F4D51EDA-DC79-431C-B158-CEE2A4891B03.jpeg 08AEBA43-8EE5-43D9-A619-25C9DCB61EC6.jpeg 66ADDCD4-5947-4473-A7CD-2D8DD72816DC.jpeg FE461615-CF6A-441F-927E-6DBD1F126980.jpeg 9DCAE78D-0B18-48A7-9879-06A3E3BBBE01.jpeg

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