Dishonored Overseer mask


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Here’s a new project I’m starting: the mask worn by the Overseers in the game Dishonored.


I considered doing this as a clay sculpt entirely from scratch. In the end I decided to start with a Pepakura base to give me a starting point for the overall shape. I figured I would pep the easy parts, bondo the surface, then add the details by hand with clay. Well, two weeks later I now have the whole thing done in pep. Including all the maddening little ridges around the eyes. It may have been easier to hand-sculpt those details like I originally planned, but at least I now have something that’s as close to game-accurate as I can get, short of a 3D print. Some of the pep details ended up a little wonky because things are really difficult to glue at that scale, so there’s still a fair amount of cleanup to be done after the bondo.


Once sculpted, I’m planning to mold this and will try to get some metal cold casts.


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The newly released Dishonored 2 trailer has me all amped up and motivated to get going on my Overseer mask.


I have a coat of rondo on the inside, and a coat of rondo on the outside which has been sanded down to get most of the unwanted pep folds smoothed out. Now I'm adding a thin layer of Apoxie Sculpt for the angular details. I suspect I'll need a couple rounds of sculpting and sanding to get the smooth texture I want.
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