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A small resin model kit of ship I picked up off ebay recently.

Only about 12 inches long, and not super detailed, but as I don't have the money or space for the larger garage kits, this will have to do until someone else makes one that is still in the 1 to 2 foot range.

It cost $40, which I think is a bit steep for a kit of this size/detail...I would have felt better had it only been $25 to $30, but as I have never seen any others offered, I picked it up, did a minimal paint job, and bang, on my shelf with all my other childhood relics, models, etc.

FYI -- kit does not come with a base, so made my own from flat piece of wood and some wire.

Here's a pic:

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Your link requires a user ID and password. Not to user friendly!!

Would love to see the model if you could post it up here that would be great!!

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