Dirk Gently's Business Cards

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    In only a 3 episode season, there were two different business cards. One for the agency and one for him as a Holistic Security Consultant. Caps are present for comparison.

    When done, they'll be freebies in PDF format.

    They are standard UK sized business card size of 85mm x 55mm. I'm trying to find some 'print at home' cards that size I can get here (haven't put much effort into that yet).

    Watched the show and thought it was great and just had to do these when the slapped them up on the screen as big as they did. Hope you like them!
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    I loved these books. Didn't realize they were made into a show.

    The cards look great.

  3. cboath

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    I didn't know there were made into a show either until I saw people mention in a Dr Who thread in the entertainment section.

    Saw them and thought they were great. Really hoping they do more!

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