Dirigible Plums - HP


I thought I might try my hand at making some Dirigible plums
Might be good for a laugh at least :lol


I've started the base work of the DP using balsa wood. Which I have shaped and sanded. I'll then add some thick wire into the base and use something like a texture paste to give a smooth finish between the wood and the wire and finish of with some paint.

I'm completely new to this but I'm such a HP fan :rolleyes

Please feel free to offer me any advice :D Its always well received :)

NB: Should I be taking progress photo's?


Thanks Tom. I have taken some shots - I just need to upload. So far they are coming out pretty darn good! The balsa wood works really well. I have cut the wire to about two feet and when I hold the end the little dirigible plum waves around like its floating!

Unfortunately I haven't got a large vine-y type plant in my yard. I was just going to wire them onto my miniture umbrella tree...which is quite large and bushy with beautiful dark green leaves.

I mixed some orange paint in with the texture paste and have covered the balsa wood and down the wire. It sets hard so I just need to sand it to a smooth finish and then give it a finishing paint job.
I'm confident that it will look quite good.

Thanks for the filming props lemonlemonuk, its always nice to see the originals ;)

Will upload some progress photo's tonight.


Here are my progress photo's
I started off with a block of balsa wood roughly cut to 5cm x 5cm x 7cm.
I then trimmed and sanded it into shape

then I added a long piece of thick wire into the end

then I covered the balsa wood and down the wire with texture paste with some pumpkin coloured acrylic paint.

NEVER use texture paste. It was the worst thing I could have done :angry Its totally the wrong medium for the project :rolleyes Oh well I live and learn I guess :lol
(the texture paste sets really hard but still has some flexibility which is not good when your trying to sand it!)
Anyway I have sanded the texture to a reasonably smooth finish and so I'll give it a few more coats of paint...as well as painting the wire green.

Once it is finished it will be going outside into my garden where it will get wet, so I was wondering when I go to give it a final coat of clear lacquer, should I use a gloss or matte finish?
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Well I finally finished my Dirigible plum. I now have another 3 on the go (with a total of 8) to add to my bush. The kids think it looks great :lol
This is the final coat of varnish

and here it is (all alone) in the garden :lol



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I must confess, taking you're Hp props outside into you're garden is something you don't see every day. Not just containing in to the inside of you're house:)

It looks really great,and the sign just adds to atmosphere :thumbsup


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LOVE you DP!!! I can't wait to see them all in flight :) I bet when a breeze is blowing the movement of DP will be a sight to see!!
How are you attaching them to your plant? What gauge did you use?
Your project is inspiring.


Thanks for your nice comments.
I'm not sure of the gauge wire I used? It was lying around in the shed LOL!
but yes when the wind blows they sway around :) I'm sure my friends think I've completley lost the plot haha


The Plums and the sign are a very cool idea for an outside prop. Why keep it all indoors ? Now if I can just figure out a spot in my yard for a 19 foot tall moisture vaporator....
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