Dirigible Plums - HP


I thought I might try my hand at making some Dirigible plums
Might be good for a laugh at least :lol

I've started the base work of the DP using balsa wood. Which I have shaped and sanded. I'll then add some thick wire into the base and use something like a texture paste to give a smooth finish between the wood and the wire and finish of with some paint.

I'm completely new to this but I'm such a HP fan :rolleyes

Please feel free to offer me any advice :D Its always well received :)

NB: Should I be taking progress photo's?


Thanks Tom. I have taken some shots - I just need to upload. So far they are coming out pretty darn good! The balsa wood works really well. I have cut the wire to about two feet and when I hold the end the little dirigible plum waves around like its floating!

Unfortunately I haven't got a large vine-y type plant in my yard. I was just going to wire them onto my miniture umbrella tree...which is quite large and bushy with beautiful dark green leaves.

I mixed some orange paint in with the texture paste and have covered the balsa wood and down the wire. It sets hard so I just need to sand it to a smooth finish and then give it a finishing paint job.
I'm confident that it will look quite good.

Thanks for the filming props lemonlemonuk, its always nice to see the originals ;)

Will upload some progress photo's tonight.


Here are my progress photo's
I started off with a block of balsa wood roughly cut to 5cm x 5cm x 7cm.
I then trimmed and sanded it into shape

then I added a long piece of thick wire into the end

then I covered the balsa wood and down the wire with texture paste with some pumpkin coloured acrylic paint.

NEVER use texture paste. It was the worst thing I could have done :angry Its totally the wrong medium for the project :rolleyes Oh well I live and learn I guess :lol
(the texture paste sets really hard but still has some flexibility which is not good when your trying to sand it!)
Anyway I have sanded the texture to a reasonably smooth finish and so I'll give it a few more coats of paint...as well as painting the wire green.

Once it is finished it will be going outside into my garden where it will get wet, so I was wondering when I go to give it a final coat of clear lacquer, should I use a gloss or matte finish?
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Well I finally finished my Dirigible plum. I now have another 3 on the go (with a total of 8) to add to my bush. The kids think it looks great :lol
This is the final coat of varnish

and here it is (all alone) in the garden :lol



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I must confess, taking you're Hp props outside into you're garden is something you don't see every day. Not just containing in to the inside of you're house:)

It looks really great,and the sign just adds to atmosphere :thumbsup


tonight I've been sitting and painting the other 7 DB :)
I'll upload a photo if them attached to the bush when I'm finished :p


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LOVE you DP!!! I can't wait to see them all in flight :) I bet when a breeze is blowing the movement of DP will be a sight to see!!
How are you attaching them to your plant? What gauge did you use?
Your project is inspiring.


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Oh, this is DELIGHTFUL! You've done a great job so far. I just love the idea that you've put them out in your garden with that terrific sign.


Thanks for your nice comments.
I'm not sure of the gauge wire I used? It was lying around in the shed LOL!
but yes when the wind blows they sway around :) I'm sure my friends think I've completley lost the plot haha


The Plums and the sign are a very cool idea for an outside prop. Why keep it all indoors ? Now if I can just figure out a spot in my yard for a 19 foot tall moisture vaporator....