Dimensional Star Wars poster.


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I posted a long time ago (I know..I know..in a galaxy far far away) about making some carved versions of movie posters. Until recently, I wasn't pleased with how the carvings came out. I have continued to work on it and am happier now with the results.

I was recently contacted about donating some work to a tv show. The show was recently cancelled and the episode airing my work may not air until december of next year, but I thought I would show you what I did. I had 3 days to finish 6 projects, all carved and painted. This one is about 14" x 22". I certainly took some liberties with the original art and anything that's wrong is purely my fault. I look forward to increasing the size of my cnc machine and doing similar projects full scale. The piece is 3/4" thick and carved from PVC sheeting. The carvings go about 1/4- 1/2" deep.


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Those are great! A new spin on some old art! Do you do commission work?

I would love to have a 3D version of the "Forbidden Planet" poster.


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A couple things...
They aren't totally "hand sculpted". I use a CNC machine...and heavily modified artwork based on vectors I make in Illustrator, combined with the original artwork. I then texture/finish the carving by hand and prime it and paint it...just don't want to mis-represent it.

The "Forbidden Planet" question is funny- as that was one of the first attempts I made at doing one of these. It came out alright, but I've created a much better method of getting a good "carve" now. I know I could do a much better version today.
If you described these I would have thought the idea a bit naf - but seeing those pics, I would seriously hang those on my wall, especially love the ROTJ poster (y)thumbsup


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Hi there,

The Lucasfilm Ltd. filmstrip is priceless ... well executed and quite original.

Posters look great too. This could become a business ... if it isn't already.
Drew Struzan made a lot of movie posters, go check out his posterbook!



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Thanks everyone! I had a blast painting them. In case you wondered what they look like freshly carved in some pvc...here's one.

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