Digital Recaster - Beware of Frank Harris of Newport News Virginia


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Found this guy on the Facebook page of TheRPF trying to start up a business by selling my M1919 he purchased off of Cults3D on eBay and off of RPF.

M1919A4 Finished.jpg

It's difficult to see on the small picture, but he blocked me after I posted a public message outing him, so I couldn't get a better screen capture. The barrel jacket separations match up exactly, as well as my more squarish grip in the back. Any artist can recognize their work. Unlike other 3D models of this weapon, mine has a detailed interior with moving parts, should the buyer like to print those. Unfortunately for his customers, they will get a poorly post processed and printed version which looks worse than a toy with the quality of finishing. The listing still should be up on TheRPF facebook page.

On Frank Harris' Facebook page, he said that he didn't have it anymore, which probably means that he did sell it, off of eBay, but pulled it, so not as to incur selling fees and just sold it to his customer directly. He also said that he has other models that he planned on selling that exactly match up with the stuff he purchased off of Cults. I reported him there and he was banned.

Careful in your dealings with this thief.

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