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I am looking to build a mask using fiberglass. I have never made a mask or anythign so I am newbie in this field. If someone could tell me if it would be possible for a beginner to make this or do I need someone with skill?

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I don't know any of your parameters, but a simple mask is a good piece to learn on. You can probably deal with general purpose resin from Home Depot, and use the fabric or mat also from there. Make your pattern out of whatever, clay, wood, plaster, etc. and wax the hell out of it. Then cut some material to loosely fit over it. Mix small batches of resin (catalyzed 12 drops per ounce of resin) and apply it to the material with a small brush and tamp out the bubbles. If you have trouble getting the material to conform, try tearing the mat into thinner, smaller swatches and working them down. A couple of layers should be good for thickness for a mask. Pop it off the pattern and sand the edges, do some bondo body work and more sanding. Then paint ( I usually paint the inside too or apply some felt or something to make it wearable.
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This actually belongs in the costume or prop section.

The helmet could easily be done by vacuum forming the parts in 4 or 5 pieces.
That looks like a pretty standard spartan helmet, I'd just see if you can find one close enough to what you want and modify it. Might even be cheaper.
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