Differences between resin types?

Hey all. I've got a couple of balster kits that I'm working on putting together right now and I have a question about the resin.

One is a Farscape PK pistol cast in grayish resin which came with handy instructions on how to sand/putty fill/paint etc. So far that one's working out fine.

The other is a DL-44 which is cast from a quite hard white resin. I just want to make sure that it's the same process for both kinds of resin. I don't have a glue as to what kind of adhesive to use. :confused Any suggestions? Is resin sturdy enough to drill out the flash suppressor? Also, is it possible to attach a real scope to resin? Meaning would I need a different kind of glue to bond them together?

Cleaning process should be the same. What i personally also do with resin kits i build up myself is cleaning it with liquid kitchen abbrassive and a toothbrush. This roughens up the surface so the primer paint adheres nicely, without scratching up the surface. This proves very usefull for highly detailed sections.

Resin can be drilled and you probably shouldn't have a problem attaching a real scope (would use screws if i were you.

You can use supeglue to attach the resin pieces together, but everybody seems to have their own favorite type/brand.
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