Diff between the MR and the NECA 300 cape?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by hydin, Nov 1, 2011.

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    I was looking for a piece to use for a costume, and thought "Hey, battle damaged cape, awesome!"

    Then I saw 2 completely diff replicas with completely diff prices, and have no idea what to go for.

    The only thing I have to go on is I don't like NECA's 300 helmet (seriously it's toddler sized, if that).

    So.. anyone here have either and have some pointers on what's good/bad/worth the cash/waste of money?

  2. Gilmortar

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    Hey Hydin...the Mueseum Replicas is trash. All their 300 stuff is, except their brooch, but thats pretty hard to mess up.

    The NECA was made off patterns from the studios capes, so it falls the same. If you are wanting it for 300 NECA. If you are doing another outfit and just need a cape, then maybe spending a little less with the MR and modding it to your specs might be the way to go, but for Spartan accuracy, NECA all the way.
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    You said it! The difference in the two is like night and day!
    Get the NECA all the way.

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