Die Hard


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I used to have exactly this wallet ten or so years ago. I finally threw it out when the little plastic photos insert cracked off of its support tab. Which I could have just as easily replaced.



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Still trying to find a good example of a drivers license from the period to refine my Walter Kovacs ID and do the John McClane license.


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Anyone got the Tara Tovarek FBI ID?!? I thought I ask before I spend money in it...

Soemthing happened about the Walltet inserts?!?

Gus? Anyone?


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So I decided it was time for me to try to contribute something since I've gotten so many cool paper props from y'all. So, I took a stab at McClane's DL today. This is my first real try at something like this. I had to come up with some pattern in the background, as the only samples of real 1980's vintage New York DLs I could find online weren't really clear. I also spent over 1.5 hours trying to match the "New York State" font and finally decided "close enough".
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Hey, Simon. Did you find the reference shot of the aspirin from part 3?!?

Time to make the label for my aspirin...

I asked Gus_weber a long time ago, because he said he's got a full set of the die hard Wallet inserts, but still got no respons...

So after all, I stopped searching, asking for that stuff... Last project will be the Die Hard 4 wallet with just the badge and ID, have to get the gun, the Galco Holster is too expensive for me...

But Im happy if anyone can help out with the Baseball game... sources for the graphics, I found already the acurate font for "New York" bus still need the playfield, the other parts I will make myself...

Maybe someone can overwork the Nord de Lignes label and make a clear white backround??!?
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slightly off topic - a few months ago in th uk there was the original mclane credit card used in the film up for sale - it didnt go for much either, and i still see the zeus items used in the 3rd film sam jackson used always crop up on ebay


Here's what I've found so far.



Thanks :thumbsup

P.S. I hope Gus doesn't mind me using his picture


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Here are the cards I did a few years ago. The blue on the VISA is lighter because it was printing really dark on my printer: