DIE HARD radio - Kenwood TH-21BT


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After years of searching, I finally found and bought the correct Kenwood TH-21BT radio - the same model as used in the movie DIE HARD - and get this, it's NEW IN BOX!!!

A photo of my 'DIE HARD Collection' was shared by Stan Winston School of Character Arts facebook page several years ago with the TH-21AT, which isn't the correct model. It lacks the small orange buttons on the front.

Therefore, the other radios of my collection, that are from the same 'TH' Series, and are very similar (TH-21A, TH-21AT, and TH-31AT) - are going up for sale. I'll make a post about those in the sales section of this forum.

I'm still looking for the stubby antenna that they used in the movie...


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Hey man! Awesome to see your radio, especially new in box. That’s crazy. Let me know if you ever find that antenna, I’ve looked for years and haven’t ever had any luck. My accurate radio came without the white “Kenwood” sticker on the back (mustve worn off), so I made a new one at work. Got a stand in antenna on in the meantime.


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I've found some other people on YouTube that have the TH-21AT or TH-21BT, and they've also been looking for that stubby antenna for years. Apparently one of them makes dummy antennas, so that may be the way to go.

As long as I still have other radios in my possession (They're listed on eBay and Etsy, and I sold 2 already), I hurried up and made a video on the TH-21BT and it's accessories, since the other radios in my collection are for sale, and someone might buy them at any time.

Since my living conditions are rough, I had to wait until the weather cooperated to make a video outside. I made a few mistakes, and didn't make enough takes, since I was working alone. Not terrible for a day's work.



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I found another TH-41 radio, this time the TH-41AT. It doesn't have the dip switches, but it does have the shorter antenna. Finally, I'm able to put the shorter, and screen accurate antenna onto my TH-21BT radio. I think I might need to reshoot my "unboxing" video!

Anyhow, here's a quick and fun video that I put on TikTok since I finally have the short (correct) antenna!


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