Die Hard 2. Pager/Beeper


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Does anyone happen to know what model pager John McClane had in the airport opening scenes in Die Hard 2? I caught a quick glimpse and I thought I saw the little grey button on the top portion. Scene happened quickly.


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Yeah, I couldn’t find anything myself. I was just wondering if anyone on here knew anything about it. Oh well.


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A screen cap would help. Most movie pagers from that era would either be the real deal or have a connector wire running to a controller for functions to camera. It would be the same basis as Sci fi hand held props that need to function in real time with a graphic or text before practical technology caught up. The last time I recall working with prop pagers was, I believe, School for Scoundrels, over 15 years ago now. Those used the same old off camera controller for on camera functions.

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